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Thank yous :-


Our dog was attacked by another dog, and after visits to the vets was not it's old self. We have told about Tish and how she helped a friends dog so we got in touch. Our dog was very shy but when see Tish was very happy and joyful so we knew we would let Tish try and help her. After a number of weeks and visiting each other the dog started to get better and back to her old self. Tish did healings on her, sent to her when did meditation and spent her time with the dog. Even Paul helped where he could to show our dog things are not that bad. We thank them both for the help and time they have given our dog.  We would let anyone with a sick or poorly animal to see if Tish can help. She is not a vet a does not claim can help all but some may be lucky.  Harry & Jean 2021.


From Kirsty 09/10/2020  

Love this family tree my big sister got me for my birthday ❤ all handmade and personalised with mine, Dave’s and the girls gemstones ?
Thank you Tish Paul Holmes

Thank you so much for making my Family Tree, I love it and the added

information of what stone is what and how to clean it is brilliant.

It’s very well made and sturdy. I love personal things so this is perfect

Thank you again xx


We had a double healing and reading today 11th July 2019 and we must say that Tish was spot on and even told us things we have never told any one else not even each other. How could she know these things. Will be certainly getting other family and Friends to have these done with Tish. Give her a call you will not be disappointed.  C & I


I would like to thank Tish and Paul from PixieMoonBeamDesigns & SpiritualHealingHands for the wonderful work you carried out at the Psychic Event at the WATERWAYS MUSEUM DUTCH RIVERSIDE GOOLE. I look forward to our next event together .All my love Margaret Nash xxx  [3-7-17]

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