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Welcome to Clearview our page letting you know what we are doing.

To keep up to date follow us on facebook  (cottageholmescreations) 

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Please get in touch to know more or to arrange a reading or healing.

Jan 2023   After Covid and other issues we are back and hoping for  a better year with new jewellery and craft items items, paintings and spiritual healings.  All jewellery and craft items can be infused with Reiki if requested.

1st March 2019   Our Morning Reiki Healing has finished on our 11 month old dog and our rescued cat whose is 8 years old. We only started doing the healing all together this week and already these two can stay in the same room even having the healing laying or sitting side by side. We now have less up set between them and the dog is starting to settle down and not being so fussy. Thank you Universe for all your help.


2018 :- Due to ill health of a Family member we spent our time with them and other members of our Family so didn't do anything outside our Family.


Great night at Cave Castle Golf Club assisting Margaret Nash doing my Pstchometry and card reading. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. Look forward to seeing you again soon.  4th Oct


The last of our Daughters to have a Child was blessed with a little girl on Feb 5th. She is called Esme Jean and was 9.2lb. I was with our Daughter from 2-30am until she went down for her C Section at 13-20. While with her I put out my crystals and gave her and hubby reiki healing. The Nurses and Doctors who came into the room all said how different it felt to other rooms and how our Daughter seemed laid back compared to other ladies within the ward. I explained to one Nurse I was doing reiki healing and that I was a Grand reiki Master. She had heard of it and was interested to learn more so I can her my details and said to get in touch with me if wants to know more. I was happy to help our Daughter and hope can help others.

[we now have 5 Grand Daughters and 2 Grand Sons]

March 24th 2016 Tish became a Reiki Grand Master. Since she has done healings on humans and animals as well as doing some tarro aura readings.  Tish also puts reiki into the bespoke greeting card and jewellery that she designs and makes. She has also predicted a few of pregnancies since then as well, two being for 2 of our own Daughters.

Thank you to all who have helped me through 2014, and for teaching me new things and bringing me into the light more. I hope this will continue through 2015. 

November 2013   I  took my Reiki attunement & knowledge third degree and looking forward now to help others more


If anyone living in East Yorkshire or Hull would like to have a Tarot card reading, then please get in touch for details. Also if you would like a full body healing with reiki if your not sleeping well, stressed, overworked etc I maybe able to help you on the road to better health.   We also do Mind Body & Spirit shows within Yorkshire & the Humber (and craft fairs).

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