Hello, we are Tish & Paul Holmes (Tish was born in Grimsby, and Paul in South London). We are married with four grown-up daughters, five grand daughters and two grandsons. We are a happy family and even when things go against us we try not to let it affect us too much. We have many hobbies which we either do on our own or together like crafting, cooking, football, gardening, jewellery making, model railways, painting and photography as well as others.

Some of our hobbies we sell items made and these can be found on our main web site www.CottageHolmesCreations.co.uk  Please pay it a visit and use the “our web sites” page to see our other web sites within the group.

Tish is a self-taught artist and crafter. Our family have encouraged her a great deal and even more so when she first started getting arthritis and had the first of two strokes. Tish enjoyed the TV series with Bob Ross before he died and her first big main painting was done at a Bob Ross training day and is one of Paul’s favourite paintings Tish has done, closely followed by one of the Humber/SF bridges in which she mixed both to make his bridge painting. Most of Tish's paintings are for family or close friends although a couple have been sold. When painting Tish does so in different mediums. Tish likes many differant artists which including the late Thomas Kinkade as well as Linda Ravenscroft and Pollyanna Pickering and has some items from each within her own collection.

In August 2011 after about 15 months of not painting due to a number of reasons Tish got back into things again after seeing a spiritual healer called Dean Kingett. She has also taken some Spiritual Healing courses and in March 2016  became a Grand Reiki Master. Please check the web site www.spiritualhealinghands.co.uk for more details.

Paul supports Tish but himself likes music, railways (both model & real), football and in 2013 moving to new house he also got into photographing birds, other animals and scenes he sees around.

A Bit More About Tish (up-dated 7-2-17)


Tish has grown up in a Family that collected and recycled all sorts and spent her childhood undoing jumpers that her Nan had knitted to redo into something else. Old clothes were made into patchwork, shells stuck onto large glass jars to making lamp bases. Tish father was a carpenter so he spent many hours making toys, spice pots, bowls, whatever was needed and he would sell these to neighbours and Craft Fairs. Tish will tackle most crafts but  loves jewellery making from gems to found objects, patchwork, paper crafting, sewing especially anything for our now 7 Grandchildren. Also enjoy knitting, crocheting, painting and growing our own fruit & veg. Tish a mentioned above is a Grand Rekil Master plus Angel Healer, She  loves  Crystals and will help anyone in need of healing including animals domestic or wild. Tish is married to Paul and they have 4 beautiful Daughters who along with their Husbands have given us 7 Grandchildren who we adore and love very much.

Tish can often be found at home working on one of her projects or playing quite happily with our Grandchildren.

If you would like to know more about Tish & Paul, please see the other sites, or better still get in touch via the contact page as they would like to hear from you if interested in any of their hobbies.

Hope you enjoy my site.

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